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Christina Aid week to help people in Bangladesh

christian aid week 2016Can you help make a difference to people living in poverty? Every year different individuals and churches join together in May to raise money and pray for people who need help. It is a life-saving event which makes a difference to the poorest of the poor. Without the support of Norfolk churches and individuals simply many more people would suffer. This ongoing support and new helpers are crucial to people like Mosheda

This year Christian Aid Week is focussing on flooding in Bangladesh. Picture a young mother of four. Her husband has left. She has no land. No assets. No savings. And the only work she can get is backbreaking manual labour for as little as 74p a day. Her home has been flooded several times, and last August it flooded again. She is terrified her children will drown and at times has put her baby in a cooking pot which floats on the water to save her life

This is Morsheda. She’s our neighbour, and she desperately needs our help

“My children were so scared. My sister was holding them very tightly and we were panicking because my neighbour’s child was washed away”

Julian Bryant, Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid in Norfolk, says, “I am daunted by the poverty we see in the world. There is the poverty which is caused by disasters and wars and there is also the ongoing poverty that drains people’s lives. In Bangladesh many people have faced poverty for many years through flooding and this is getting worse. We are working to build plinths which will go under people’s homes and make them safer from the floods”

“We are also giving people resources to invest in things like farm animals, seeds, and a composting kit – giving people like Mosheda the tools she needs to build a better and longer term future.  People in Norfolk raise money through soup lunches, street collections, church quizzes, and pop-up charity shops, door to door, or by giving what they can. Jesus simply commands us love our neighbour whoever they are and wherever they live. Please join us this year to make a difference”

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