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MORNING STAR CROPPEDI received this email request from the home I had the children of Morning Star moved too "Apple of Gods Eye".  Eliza is one of the girls the Nurses for Nepal Diocese Lent appeal payed for her training. I have kept in contact with her since the charity in the UK closed   3/4 years ago and I know she has a passion to  gain her degree in nursing 
If anyone can think or know anyone to give advice or come up with some help which I could pass on to her I would be so grateful

Wendy Bircham
Lay Minister
St Andrew's Church, Gorleston

Dear Mrs Wendy

Sorry for been bothering, of course you totally free to decline help if that is not possible.
Also we know closed down the charity of Morning Star in UK, we understand that.
But right now in front of me is Eliza Magar, a beautiful young lady you know very well. Last years with us Eliza she shown such big commitment with God, with us and with herself, she became one of "Earthquake heroes" with a honor medal as she worked hard during earthquake trouble last year as well she has hired other nurses to help us.
She still in our Home 1 of Nepalese Home The Apple of God's Eyes Project, despising we reintegrated for families some of kids of former Morning Star Nepal, she still there and doing very well.
She is asking for scholarship abroad (Australia, UK, or USA) she wants to complete her Bachelor course of Nursing and one day after graduation she wants coming back to serve her people. She is committed to go out for studies and come back after her Bachelor graduation. She thinks USA is cheaper, but any other country could fit her dream.
But Nepalese Home/Apple of God's Eyes doesn't have any financial condition at this moment to finance any scholarship abroad, so we are asking people who love them, if anybody could help, the help could come direct to student without crossing organization budget.
She is well recommended by us with honor, in beginning we got so issues (but that time everyone was tense due to situation that they came) but after they adjusted very well, even those already reintegrated still coming for programs at The Apple of God's Eyes and still as family members, connected to everyone.
Please, if possible anything, we would be very grateful.
If you can help, that would be great, if you can't, but if you can recommend Eliza for some one else, also would be great. Thanks
Blessings from Nepal silvio
 silvio silva|  Meninas dos Olhos de Deus - The Apple of God's Eyes - Nepal