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Bishop of Lynn alters rock song for Christian Aid 

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The Bishop of Lynn has adapted and performed a well-known rock song, calling it ‘Turn it Green’, to highlight Christian Aid’s focus on Bangladesh during Christian Aid Week

The Bishop of Lynn, the Rt Rev Jonathan Meyrick, has written new lyrics to a well-known rock song, to encourage people to respond generously to Christian Aid Week and its focus on Bangladesh.  He was filmed performing the song, 'Turn it Green', at St Faith’s Church Gaywood in King's Lynn

to watch and hear Bishop Jonathan's performance, please click here

Bishop Jonathan said, ‘The situation for people living on the rivers in Bangladesh is shocking. I wrote the words to this song as a reflection on the plight of people facing terrible conditions which could lead to despair but with love and the work of Christian Aid there is hope. This Christian Aid week I hope people will respond generously’

Many people are facing devastation to their homes and lives along the rivers in Bangladesh as the snow from the Himalaya’s melts.  The video footage taken from Christian Aid’s YouTube shows what life is like for individuals before Christian Aid’s intervention and after

In one verse of ‘Turn it Green’, the Bishop of Lynn sings:
"I see a face forlorn, with home and loved ones gone;
Black clouds are all around where once the sun had shone.
I'd like to reach across the world and hold out my hand:
See the smiles return again to children and the land."

In Norfolk last year £130,000 was raised to make a difference to some of the poorest communities in the 40 countries where Christian Aid works. The money is raised through collections, fundraising breakfasts, fashion shows, concerts, soup lunches and curry nights to name but a few

If you would like to find out more or contribute to Christian Aid Week you can visit their website

For more information contact Julian Bryant, Norfolk Coordinator for Christian Aid at or 07841 920384 


article first appeared on Network West Norfolk