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Church donation has brought much needed aid to many Syrian refugees 

syrian flagPark Baptist Church, in Great Yarmouth, recently gave £1,200 to BMS towards support of Syrian refugees and received a thank you letter from them, and the difference it has made is amazing
Thank you for your gift to our work among Syrian refugees. With your support, the True Vine Baptist Church in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, is able to help over 700 Syrian refugee families who have had to flee their homes as war continues to ravage their country
“They feel that the church is their shelter,” says Rev Haddad, pastor of the church. “Everyone is pushing them aside and closing the doors in their faces. The only place they can find acceptance and welcome is in the church”
Your support will help enable the church to provide monthly food packages for a further 50 families, or around 350 individuals, providing a lifeline for people who have lost everything – their possessions, their homes and, often, their loved ones – to a conflict over which they have no control. To those Syrian refugees who try to understand his church’s kindness Rev Haddad explains: “We do this because this is our Christianity, this is what our Lord Jesus taught us”