Action Zones 

Human MOT's are held in the market place

by Izabela Carry

On Sunday 13th of September the members of the Great Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church carried out a untitled 2 webthird health screening session.
The health screening took place in the Market Gates Shopping Centre. This time approximatelyt 218 people were screened, which is almost double when compared to the previous sessions. Tests included BMI, blood pressure, carbon monoxide, blood sugar and cholesterol. Four people were referred to their GPs, having been diagnosed with serious health impairments, which would otherwise have gone undetected. The members of the church were supported by Elsie Staple, South England Conference Health Ministries director.
Evaluation forms were filled in and many positive comments were made, some of them included sentencuntitled 6 webes like “the programme is excellent plus”, “perfect” and “all the people were very friendly.” The only area for improvement identified by the public was the need to have more events like this. The management of the shopping mall already agreed for the next screening in the winter.
Fifteen people who had their carbon monoxide tested were happy to leave their addresses and be contacted with the information regarding Smoking Cessation Clinic. Conducting a Breathe Free programme is the next endeavour on the Great Yarmouth Adventist list. Please pray for all our efforts, as we seek to make a difference in the local community.

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