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Network Yarmouth describes itself as a portal website, set up to help improve communications and connections within the Christian community in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. To date much of its communication has been about church activities and events – but much conversation within our churches concerns the world beyond church boundaries! So could Network Yarmouth also act as a pointer to conversations that Christians have about current affairs?
One way in which big issues are often discussed today is through various blogs on the internet, through which thoughts can be shared, alternatives discussed and readers empowered to draw their own conclusions
Recently Rev Derrick Hill of Park Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth, has started writing a personal blog in which he reflects from a Christian perspective on issues that he observes in the world just now. His conclusions range from the blindingly obvious to the more controversial and questionable – either way his comments are designed to help us ask about both the ways that God reveals Himself in this world and the way in which this world might be different if we followed Christian ways.
If you’d like to follow his blog – and even more if you’d like to join in the conversation by adding comments to his articles – have a look at .
If you know of other Christian bloggers in the locality who fellow believers might beneficially follow, please join in the ‘add your comment’ facility at the bottom of each article. Alternatively, do let the Network Yarmouth Webmaster know so that we can publicise them and further aid communication:
From time to time Network Yarmouth will be publishing Theorick’s blog entries on the website where the content is particularly relevant to the Great Yarmouth area and what is happening in the Great Yarmouth area and we look forward to receiving your own thoughts on the subjects via the ‘add your comment’ facility at the bottom of each article