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Smile Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2009  

Summer is over and Christmas still on the horizon, so how about using this time to create a shoebox for the annual shoebox appeal – now is the ideal time to do it!!
KOSOVA CHILDRENThe shoeboxes go to children in villages, schools, orphanages and refugee centres where they literally have nothing. Many have never received a present before and to do so makes a huge difference to their lives. They are distributed according to need, regardless of nationality, political background or religious belief. No literature is added to them. They go to some of the world’s poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. You should see the excited reactions of the children as they see the boxes being unloaded and then when they receive one – the smiles say it all!!
So how do you prepare a shoebox? You wrap a medium sized adult shoebox with colourful wrapping paper – the lid to be covered separately as the box’s contents will be checked. Choose to do one for a boy or girl, select an age between 2 and 16 and buy items for that child. Replace the lid and wrap one strong elastic band around. Write an age and sex on a label and stick it on the lid. You then pass it to a coordinator
What exactly can go into the boxes? For toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, wrapped bar of soap. For hair care, comb, brush and hair accessories. For writing materials, notebooks, pens, pencils, ruler, maths set, paint, paintbrush and drawing books. For clothing hat, scarves, gloves, socks, (these can be hand knitted), pants and knickers. Small toys can be added such as a doll, car, skipping rope, ball, cuddly toy puzzle and small musical instrument. A small bag of wrapped sweets too if they are at least twelve months in date. All the above needs to be new but need not be expensive at all!!
Smile is a charity that began with local connections and is now based in Kent. It is family based and can guarantee that you shoebox will be in the hands of a needy child in time for Christmas. Your local Coordinator is David Minister, contactable on 07711451020. He is urging schools, churches, scouts and women’s groups to get involved and support this worthy cause
Your boxes can be left in central Yarmouth at 86 Middlemarket Road, from Monday 19th October – Wednesday 4th November between 10am and 3 pm. David can pick up boxes when there is a difficulty with this
You may instead sponsor a shoebox and Coordinators based in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe can use the money to buy items locally, avoiding transportation costs or import taxes – providing employment for a local person in each country
Your box could change a child’s life and show that someone cares, for as Jesus says, ‘In so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me’ Matthew 25:40
article submitted by Isabel Minister