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Salvation Army Annual Appeal 2009

The Salvation Army has recently launched its nationwide ‘Annual Appeal’ fundraising campaign where 92p out of every £1 donated goes directly to helping people in need.  Here in Great Yarmouth, the appeal is running throughout the month of September.  Across the area, members and friends will be knocking on doors to help raise vital funds for the social and community work of the church and charity across the nation.  During this time the public will be asked to make a cash donation to support the vital social services work offered without discrimination to many thousands of people across all ages and backgrounds whose lives are effected by homelessness, drug and alcohol addictions, loneliness and despair

The Salvation Army’s social welfare work includes a network of 57 hostels for homeless men and women, 17 older people’s homes, a fleet of mobile response vehicles to support the emergency services at major incidents, and the Family Tracing Service, which helps to reunite 10 people with long-lost relatives every single working day

The Annual Appeal is one of the most cost-effective appeals run by The Salvation Army, with every £1 donated generating over £12 in income.  All Appeal collectors will be carrying permits, which they will produce on request, and will only ask for cash donations. Donations can also be made to the Annual Appeal by visiting The Salvation Army website at

 Alternatively, here in Great Yarmouth, as we cannot visit each and every household within the borough, people are encouraged to visit our charity shop at 167 King Street where their donation will be gratefully received

The 2009 Annual Appeal is set against the backdrop of a nation in the midst of recession and it is at times like these that the most vulnerable in our society suffer. We’re asking everyone to please be as generous as they can to our Appeal, as every amount collected really does matter to the many needy people who turn to The Salvation Army for help.  We can only do our work with the generous support of the public and we ask people to look out for the authorised Salvation Army collectors and their blue “Belief in Action” envelopes or sealed Salvation Army collecting tins

Here is more information on the work of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland:

3,000,000 meals served every year at community and residential centres
60,000 prisoners visited each year in 83 prisons
3,200 homeless men and women given food and shelter every night in 57 centres
709 local church and community centres
594 older people accommodated in 17 residential centres
300 youth and children’s clubs providing a caring environment for young people
120 drop-in centres offering support and help for people in need
70 day centres for older people and other vulnerable groups
50 crèches, nurseries and playgroups
27 Red Shield support centres for military personnel in the UK, Germany and the Falkland Islands
10 people reunited with their families every working daythrough the Family Tracing Service
8 contact centres providing supported contact for parents and children
7 employment resource centres
5 centres for people with learning disabilities
4 residential projects dedicated to helping people with addiction issues
1 domestic violence unit

If you could publicise any detail relating to this campaign, we would be extremely grateful, particularly the part about donations for this campaign being received at our charity shop or by popping into our Citadel on Tolhouse Street.  If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know.  Or for more information, visit

Finally, if anyone wishes to have Press Office details in relation to this or any other aspect of the Army’s work, please find them detailed below.
Contact - The Salvation Army Press Office
Veron Graham, The Salvation Army Regional Press Officer  East England, Tel: 07795 240 842; Email: 
 Ann Stewart, Senior Press Officer  / 0207 367 4702;
Cathy Le Feuvre, Head of Media– 0207 367 4516;