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Growth of Norfolk Street Pastors




                                            “Making a difference on the streets”  




As another year rolls round and we peer into the future, it seems that the only stable factor in our lives is the unchanging God.  How thankful we are to know Him who is the same “yesterday, today and for ever”.  As jobs disappear all around us and the economy of this supposedly prosperous country spirals down into unknown territory, very many of us will be affected by these material factors.



But I am reminded of Habakkuk’s reaction in a not too dissimilar situation, although everything is apparently going wrong around him, he says “yet will I rejoice in the Lord”. (Hab.3:vv17-18)  That presents us with a challenge and places firmly upon us the obligation, as well as giving us an opportunity, to share something of  the confidence that we have in the Lord with those who often have no idea what it can mean to trust in Him in all the ups and downs of life.



As we embark upon the third year of Street Pastoring in Norwich , we too are wondering where all these events are leading and how we can or should adjust to the changing needs of our society.  Street Pastors are already involved in a small way in Norwich in visiting schools as well as in community befriending and support.  Our main work remains the Club scene in

Prince of Wales Road
on Friday and Saturday nights, but it seems possible that, as money becomes scarcer, the club-going crowds may become less; this could leave us with a question of where else can we connect with people and bring the love and peace of Christ to our neighbourhood?



After nearly two years of regular work in the City Centre, not forgetting, of course, those who go out in Dereham, Lakenham, Heartsease and Thorpe, we have lost count of the number of people who have found the presence of Street Pastors to be an unexpected blessing to them in a time of trouble.  Now we are thinking about bringing this project to the streets of Great Yarmouth.  At present we have over 50 trained and experienced volunteers who give their time to being available to people in distress, but, as situations change and the work grows, inevitably some move on, and we are always seeking new recruits to bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to this work of taking God’s presence and His love and compassion out of the church and on to the streets where people are.



Please contact me if you feel this could be God’s call to you.  We have a new training course starting in March.  The only requirements are that you have to be 18 or over and a member of a church for a year or more.



Val Dodsworth – Co-ordinator, Norfolk Street Pastors  


tel: 01603 472753