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Just call by for a professional health check

by Yvonne Hill

This was the call on Sunday 22nd February when members of the public received a free health check in MarkMEDICAL CHECK12 webet Gates Shopping Mall. This was made available by courtesy of the management. There was an average of 108 people who responded and 12 people have shown an interest in an anti-smoking programme which will be set up in the future. There are plans to offer more health checks later on in the year as there seems to be a big demand.
There is increasing public awareness to safeguard our health, which has its reward in a more enjoyable and longer life. Our health is very important. Many people suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, obesity, diabetes and emphysema when often these things can be avoided by a healthier life-style. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been promoting a more healthy way of life for over 100 years and is now offering a free health check to those who wish to take up this opportunity. There are no strings attached -it is a service to the community.MEDICAL CHECK web13
The health check is conducted and supervised by qualified medical personnel and where necessary referrals are made to their GP.
The health screening programme includes the following 5 very important checks:- Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Carbon monoxide
These checks at Market Gates Shopping Mall will be repeated at a later date by request.