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New Fairtrade Steering Group has been formed

by Yvonne Hill

A meeting took place at Christchurch in Yarmouth on 19th February 2009 in order to formulate a stFAIR TRADE 002eering group to continue the campaign to make Great Yarmouth a Fairtrade borough. 
Tony Wright MP for Yarmouth was present and he was particular to point out that although he was handing over the running of the Fairtrade initiative he was not deserting the group and that it will always be close to his heart.
It was decided that Mark Llewelyn would take over the chair from Tony. After swapping seats, Mark took the chair for the rest of the meeting. Belinda (Mia Lucy) would be responsible for the media and the secretariat would be as before. 
To meet the criteria for the borough to become Tradefair they neeFAIR TRADE 003d to fulfil 5 areas.   It was requested that everyone investigate the shops and make lists of all the products available, also lists of the institutions within the borough to be submitted at the next meeting. Out of these lists a directory will be collated.
The steering group will meet next on the 12th March the venue will be Christchurch and there will also be a meeting on 30th April for everyone.
To start off the Tradefair fortnight their will be a wine tasting on Monday 23rd which will be hosted by the East of England Co-operative Society and Tony Wright at the Priory Centre. All the details can be viewed on the upcoming events on this website.