Action Zones 

Would you like to be a Street Pastor?

How would you like to put your faith and love for your Saviour into action?  Then become a Street Pastor!


Yes you do have to train and it can be quite demanding but it is an important and worthwhile way in which to help others in the community.  When you think about it Jesus was a sort of Street Pastor.  Most of his ministry was performed on the streets and he took every opportunity to help people, this was his way of putting  his love into action.


Great Yarmouth needs you to come forward and enrol for the course which starts in March.  Four more people are needed to make up a team. 


If you would like more information then please contact Val Dodsworth who will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.


Val Dodsworth

Co-ordinator Norfolk Street Pastors   
Tel: 01603 472753