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Carol service at the Magdalen Home

After the morning service on Saturday, members of the Gorleston Seventh-day Adventist Church met with the residents at the Magdalenwebb CHRISTMAS AT MAGDALEN HOM home for the elderly to share the Christmas story and sing carols.




Most of the residents joined in and really enjoyed singing especially one lady who said that she loved to sing and she in fact stood out in front and conducted.




The church has recently set up a mail trio and they sang also.  It was a great pleasure to see the residents enjoy themselves.




For some time the church has visited Mildred Stone House once a month to give a short service and sing with the people.  They were each given a little book to read, ‘Steps to Christ’, and it was noticed that many of them have been reading and studying.




Christmas day many church members will be visiting the Mildred Stone House to sing carols and share the Christmas message.