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Christian Concern For Our Nation 07/11/08



Abortion, Adoption, Access to Justice, Bioethics, Christian Freedoms, Church & State, End of Life, Family Values, Islam, Media.




Irish Times: Stormont health committee chair praised MPs for preventing the extension of the British 1967 abortion legislation to Northern Ireland.




Daily Telegraph: Couple who wish to retain right to smack their adopted child win High Court case. Court-adoption-case.html


Access to Justice

Daily Telegraph: Court cases cost too much, says judge. Court-cases-cost-too-much-says-judge.html




The Times: Rónán Mullen, an independent Irish senator, is planning to publish a private members’ bill banning all research on human embryos.


Mail on Sunday: Cloning from the grave: Scientists create new life from a mouse that has been frozen for 16 YEARS Scientists-create-new-life-mouse-frozen-16-YEARS.html


Science Daily: Compounds For Stem-cell Production From Adult Cells Identified.


Bloomberg News: Osiris Leaps on $1.38 Billion Genzyme Adult Stem-Cell Deal. home


Independent (Ireland): Politicians have a duty to stop embryo research. embryo-research-1514578.html

Live Science: Do We Still Need Embryonic Stem Cells?


Scotsman: Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics, likens embryo research to Nazi experiments.


Christian Freedoms


The Christian Institute: An appeal from Islington Council in the case of Lillian Ladele, a Christian registrar, is set for 10 December 2008. december/


Church & State

Independent: Multi-faith prayers to be considered for Parliament. considered-for-parliament-981745.html


BBC News: Northern Ireland Churches propose transfer to secondary school at 14.

Daily Express: India Arrests After Church Attacked.


End of life


The Times: Faith is not the argument against assisted dying. The real concern with the Assisted Dying Bill is public safety and inadequate safeguards says Lord Carlile of Berriew, QC.


The Herald: Assisted suicide does nothing to bring about dignity in life. does_nothing_to_bring_about_dignity_in_life_which_disabled_ people_need.php


Family Values


Independent: Several US states reject proposals to limit abortion rights while others say no to same sex marriage, in a mixed message over contentious social issues as Americans elect Obama. marriage-bans-win-993891.html

Daily Express:Same sex marriage ban sparks protests.

Belfast Telegraph: First Minister Peter Robinson last night endorsed his wife’s views on homosexuality saying they were rooted in Scripture. robinson-backs-wifes-view-that-gays-are-an-abomination-14023693.html


BBC News: Teenage girls who watch a lot of TV shows with a high sexual content are twice as likely to become pregnant, according to a study.



CCFON: Misconceived Attempt to find Common Ground with Islam


FIN Alternatives: Hedge Funds hone in on Islamic investors and come with conditions in the form of Sharia law.


Hedge Funds Review: Barclays raises capital from Middle East investors.‚3601


Birmingham Post: Chief Constable behind official complaint over Channel 4's mosque documentary. chief-constable-behind-official-complaint-over-channel-4-s-mosque-documentary- 65233-22184830/


Interfax: Islamic World group backs Russia's proposal to set up UN religious council.

Family Security Matters: U.S. Treasury Submits to Shariah.


Telegraph & Argus: Thousands expected at mosque's opening in Bradford. 3814138.Thousands_expected_at_mosque_s_opening/

Times: Lord Bingham: 'no reason' to exclude Sharia.


Religious Intelligence: Application for London mega-mosque can go ahead.


Daily Mail: Jack Straw: Muslim courts will ALWAYS remain subservient to English law. ALWAYS-remain-subservient-English-law.html




Daily Mail: Judge blames ultra-violent video game Grand Theft Auto for teenage thug's sex assaults. video-game-Grand-Theft-Auto-teenage-thugs-sex-assaults.html?ITO=1490


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