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Positive "Double Whammy " for ADRA-UK

In the midst of recession there is double good news for ADRA-UK.

This week the Christmas Shoebox container, laden with 7,000 shoeboxes, was loaded onto the back of a truck to start its journey to Guyana. "We are continually excited by the positive
shoewbox response to this appeal," states Office Manager, Valerie Austin. She will fly out to Guyana to oversee the distribution of the goodies to the children there. "This is going to make for one special Christmas for these children," she says. "I cannot wait to see their joyful faces!"

The second piece of good news as mentioned in last week's BUC News (#613) comes via the generosity of the Reed Foundation. "For just two weeks in December", Bert Smit, ADRA-UK director reports, "any online donation for ADRA-UK given through a specific website will be doubled! It sounds incredible but it is true!"

The Reed Foundation is generously supporting charities on The Big Give website by matching all donations that are made online through their website. The Reed Foundation will spend £1 million to match donations of up to £5,000 (per donation). Any donations over £5,000 will have the first £5,000 matched only. The maximum amount matched per charity is £20,000.

Matched donations from the Reed Foundation will start on Monday 1 December 2008, after 9:00 am. The scheme will finish once £1 million has been donated. Smit says, "It is very easy to donate and double your gift. Go to, and search for ADRA-UK. On ADRA-UK's information page, click the 'Double your Donation' button (only visible between 1 - 14 December). Enter your details and, if eligible, remember to click the Gift Aid box. A matched donation from the Reed Foundation will be added to your total gift and will be paid to ADRA-UK."

Remember, this is ONLY valid from 0900 on Monday 1 December until Sunday 14 December and only online at .

Just imagine, your £100 donation could be worth £228, including Gift Aid, to help make a difference. If you want to help people in need this Christmas through ADRA, why not make a donation in December and double the gift!

By courtesy of the Adventist News website