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Community in Romania needs our help and prayers 

romania 2014Lisa Cunningham is back from Romania and thanks all who prayed for her whilst away on her mission project

She has returned with a message from the Pastor of the main church where she was based for anyone who has skills in micro enterprise start-ups to contact him 

There is such heavy unemployment and they are starting to look at greenhouses. They have 10 greenhouses from which they are hoping to build business with, and for, the people. They are aiming to use the land much more as they learn to grow and branch out into other and "grander" work in agriculture/farming


Due to our location in East Anglia, Lisa wonders if anyone would have the knowledge and experience to give advice would like to contact him.  Lisa says he's an awesome man; and says that only 15 people in all of the churches have jobs

Lisa also asks that we put these people on our prayer lists