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Pray against this practice with voodoo dolls 

THE WORKS VOODOO 2014 ATHE WORKS VOODOO 2014 BThe Works in the Market Place is selling voodoo dolls with the instruction to place a picture of the person you hate on the face and stick pins into it.  How sick is that!!
Particularly in these times of conflict and suffering around the world, this is utterly abhorrent and repellent.  This product should be withdrawn from sale
Please pray that this product is removed from sale without delay as it could severely damage vulnerable people/children and is a message that offends our Lord and should offend any moral person

Unfortunately the picture right is a mirror image but, if you'd like to blow it up you can read the wording


Judith Edmonds 04/09/2014 08:13
a reader has contact me with the following:
"Shocked to the core regarding the news concerning the voodoo doll-
I have visited the shop and spoke politely to one of the assistants who seemed shocked about it too as she does not order in the stock. I informed her I would be contacting the Works HQ plus sending e-mails to Brandon Lewis MP and the County Council"
well done