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Christian Party bids for first Euro election seat  

CarlClark420The Christian Peoples Alliance has launched its bid to become the first Christian Party in the UK to win a seat at the European Elections on May 22 and has named its candidates in the East of England, with Norfolk Christians taking the top three slots. Keith Morris reports

Thetford Town and Breckland District Councillor Carl Clark is the number one candidate, followed by Mark Clamp from Ashill, and Chris Olley from Dereham. Carl, Mark and Chris all stood, unsuccessfully, in the Norfolk County Council elections last May. The other candidates are Jane Clamp, Ashill, Stephen Todd, Chelmsford andKIrsty Evans and Kevin Austin both from Thetford
The CPA European Election manifesto, “Standing for the Truth. The best Party for Britain” was launched at Central Hall, Westminster last week
Carl said: “We feel like David taking on Goliath but we know God stands with us and anything is possible
“All the major political parties have policies that are eroding God and moral values in our society, we have had a great response from those who are disillusioned with the persecution that Christians now feel in their own country under attack from atheists, and the homosexual lobby, while Parliament pushes through bills which erode our Christian heritage even more while bowing down to religions brought here by migration
Carl said: “We are advocating leaving the EU as it is an unaccountable body that has wasted billions from the taxpayer with no transparency, we stand firm in the sanctity of marriage between man and woman which is Biblical, also the sanctity of life. Seven million living babies have been aborted since the abortion act came into being, and we still remember the Holocaust, what about the one that is happening in our society?
“We want a substantial increase in the minimum wage and for Sundays to be a day of rest for family activities, instead of just being another weekday to do shopping
“Christian initiatives have taken over government ones in helping the poor. Foodbanks, debt counselling and practical care for those on the streets have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, there are now over 100,000 Christian volunteers helping in these areas, all where the government should be targeting
“The Christian Peoples Alliance has seen all the major parties stating they are Christian recently,” said Carl. “They are worried as Christians have a vote, they are worried that a tiny party like ours can win. I believe we can as God is with us and what we stand for. Christians have a choice, either vote the way you have done in the past, or stand with us and bring God into the arena where he is glorified”
To find out more contact Carl on or on 01842 824987
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Pictured above is CPA Eastern area number one candidate Carl Clark