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Shoebox Appeal 2012

SHOEBOX 3 Please consider supporting the local shoebox appeal organised through Smile International this year. It runs from now until mid-November

The shoeboxes are processed locally at the Chatterteria café at 86 Middle Market Road, Great Yarmouth. They are then packed into cartons and sent to Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa. Each box reflects the love and compassion that we in Great Yarmouth have for children living in abject poverty

We would welcome donations of anything big or small. The boxes themselves require items such as:

pencils                                     soap                                                   scarves
pens                                         flannels                                               hairbrushes
rubbers                                    toothbrushes                                      combs
stationery                                toothpaste                                          gloves
tennis balls                              rulers                                                   hats

SHOEBOX 1 If you would like to support the appeal please note that shoeboxes need to be delivered to the café between Monday 5th November and

Wednesday 14
th  November

between 10am and 4pm

In cases of difficulty, large numbers of shoeboxes or requesting more information, please contact
David Minister on 01493 733153

Volunteers are required in the cafe, for the processing of boxes during the two weeks from Monday 5th November to Friday 17th November

The contents of each box must be carefully checked and the box packed according to its boy/girl and targeted age group label. You will be kept busy, but what a rewarding role

If you feel that you can offer the time and energy please contact David on the above number

Let’s get cracking and get packing!