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Oasis Christian Bookshop in Crisis


DSCF7308An update on the present situation regarding Oasis Christian Bookshop in Lowestoft

January through September this year month on month they have not taken enough to cover their monthly outgoings
This has left them with the need to find a fairly substantial amount in the October to December period but this, so far, has been very disappointing
As things stand they need nearly £9000 in sales during December and it has been a very very quiet start
They face the real possibility of not being able to trade very far into the New Year as they cannot stand a repeat of last year in the first six months of 2013

The shop is somewhat on the brink and the area could very well lose its only Christian bookshop

Oasis Christian Bookshop desperately needs to see a huge increase in footfall, even some generous donations

Please draw your church’s attention to this plight and, perhaps, print off the article to display prominently – action is urgent – please don’t allow this valuable amenity to disappear
please contact:

David Willis
Oasis Christian Bookshop
124 Bevan Street East
NR32 2AQ

Tel: 01502 512302