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GY Council has Dress Down Day in aid of Christian Work


When staff at Great Yarmouth Borough Council heard that the Salvation Army in Great Yarmouth was looking for donations of toiletries they thought it would be an ideal cause for a dress down day
Salvation Army Dress Down 001 
Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s Web Communication Manager said “On Friday, 12th March the staff came to work in jeans or casual dress and instead of paying money to a charity they were asked to bring in items such as soap, toothpaste and razors for the homeless”
“We have had a number of dress down days for various appeals including Haiti and the Aqua Box Appeal which helps provide clean water for third world countries. However, we also like to donate to local causes so providing items which help the homeless in Great Yarmouth was a cause that we were particularly pleased to support”
“The event also highlighted the plight of the homeless as many of our customers asked about what we were doing and were very supportive,” Anna added
In response, Lieutenant Rob Symons, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army in Great Yarmouth said he was ‘really taken aback and completely overwhelmed by the generosity of those who so kindly donated. The Lieutenant outlined how the items would not only be used as part of the Community Drop In where those suffering from homelessness and insecure tenancy’s can come for a shower, to brush their teeth, to have a shave and for a general wash however, they would also be used to create “starter packs” for people to take home with them’

Over 400 items were donated including deodorant sprays, shaving foam and shower gels