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BWCF brings church to the Crematorium

by Revd. Peter Paine and  Yvonne Hill
Photos supplied by Roger Hill

On Sunday 14th March, Mothers Day, the BWCF organised an event at the Gorleston Crematorium. Provisions of hot and cold drinks, biscuits and chocolates were offered to those who came to the café style enclosure after laying flowers on their mothers’ and loved ones graves. Around 75 peoBWCFMOTHRS DAY 018 webple took up the offer. Once again it was a great success and everyone really appreciated the gesture.
A new huge yellow banner was placed at the entrance shelter with BWCF logo and colours. It was a beautiful sunny day if a little windy; however, the banner not only drew attention to the café, but also acted as a windbreak for volunteers and visitors alike.
Rev Peter Paine said “that is was a really worthwhile exercise.” One elderly gentleman was unable to find his wife's grave and he really appreciated the help of two of the volunteers who were able to find the grave for him.
Members of the clergy and lay walked around offering comfort and solace to many people. The Chapel was also open and during the day many people came and used the chapel for quiet times with a short prayer service every hour. Around 50 people came into the chapel during the day and volunteers encouraged many to leave prayer messages for their loved ones. All the messages were read out at the last service.
Rev Paine stated that “all being well we will be returning again next year to build upon the success of the last two years.” He also said a very big Thank you to the Anglican Church for a grant from “Sharing Good News” to help us with the banner and various other items.
Borough Wide Churches Forum would like to thank staff members at the crematorium for their help, without it the event could not have taken place.