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Who should Christians vote for in the election?

By Keith Morris

Who should Christians vote for in the General Election? was just one of the questions addressed by political researcher Paul Bickley (right), from public theology think tanPaulBickley350k Theos, in a Norwich Café Church last night (April 11).
In front of a relaxed audience with a very wide age range, drinking tea and eating cakes at the Norwich Salvation Army Citadel, Paul set out to give a Christian perspective on politics and the General Election campaign.
“Politics cannot resolve everything,” said Paul. “There is no Biblical imperative to vote but it does say that Christians must engage with their communities and love their neighbours. You need to effect change in your own communities.”
Election2010170Paul, appears on national radio and TV giving a Christian perspective on social and political issues, from his background studying and researching political science at York University, in Parliament and in the public affairs arena.
Paul explained what Theos is and does and went on to address the questions: Why should Christians vote in the Election? Who and what should they vote for? and What should they do after they have voted?

By courtesy of Network Norwich and Norfolk