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Family Action celebrates its 140th birthday


by Yvonne Hill





All families have a story to tell.  They may come from different backgrounds, live in different places and face different challenges.  What they have in common is support from Family Action.






Family Action celebrated its 140th anniversary on Wednesday 18th November at St Andrews Church, Gorleston.FAMILY ACTION AND TOWN HALL 01  The Assistant Regional Manager, Deirdre Delorme, welcomed the Deputy Mayor Terry Easton and his wife and also thanked all the volunteers for their contribution and fantastic work.  A thank you also went to those who help fund Family Action.  Deidre said that they are always looking for volunteers and they would be grateful if anyone had some good ideas on how to obtain funding.


The charity has been running since 1869 and is a leading provider  of services to give help and advice to disadvantaged and socially isolated families.


Family Action provides help and advice to over 45,000 families a year offering practical, emotional and financial support through over 100 services across England.  AFAMILY ACTION WEB 7 further 150,000 people benefit from their educational grants and information service.  They tackle some of the most complex issues that families have to face today - including domestic abuse, mental health problems, learning disabilities and severe financial hardship.


Deidre spoke of how they had helped 240 families through their Mentoring Service and how from March to October 160 different children had received support.


Sharon Burcham  was one of the people who has  received support from Family Action Well Family service in Gorleston and she was asked to cut the magnificent cake.  An excellent lunch was also provided and welcome packs wFAMILY ACTION FOR WEBere handed out.



Afterwards there was an opportunity to browse the information and photo displays that had been set up.


Publicity materials were displayed which represented Family Action 'models' nationally.  The services provided here in Gorleston are a Well Family service (PCT funded until 2012) and a Mentoring Service ) Norfolk Children's Fund until the end of April 2010). 





Photos supplied by Roger Hill