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Carer's Support - Drug and Alcohol Misuse


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The Carer's Support service is provided by the Matthew Project in Great Yarmouth.  Clergy, church staff and members could well come across people who care for substance misusers and would benefit from the free advice, counselling and support that is available.  Outline of the service below:


A part time support worker and qualified counsellor provides support, information, advice and counselling to family and friends of substance misusers in the Great Yarmouth area.  These might include:
-    the parent of a young person experimenting with drink or drugs
-    the partner or parent of a long term substance misuser
-    a concerned neighbour or relative trying to support of substance misuser
-    a child (18 or over) with a parent who has substance misuse issues
-    members of a family bereaved following substance misuse
The service offers:
-    face to face appointments at Great Yarmouth Mind (Caiser Road) or the client's own home
-    longer term regular counselling appointments at Mind or the client's own home (Mondays)
-    telephone and email support and advice (Mondays to Thursdays)