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The Time is Now: join the climate change lobby 

 12th June 2019


People from different churches and groups across Norfolk are heading to London on June 26 to lobby their MPs. They will join thousands of others from across the UK and converge on Westminster in a mass lobby called The Time is Now

Joining an estimated 10,000 other people, they will call on their MPs to set a target of zero carbon emissions by 2045 and pass an ambitious Environment Bill to put a halt to the mass extinction of species

At 2pm these 10,000 campaigners from groups ranging from Christian Aid, Tearfund, CAFOD, Friends of the Earth and the Women’s Institute will sound alarm clocks in a message to parliamentarians about the urgency of their calls

Ash, a volunteer Christian Aid campaigner said "The earth’s alarm clock is ringing; our MPs and other world leader have to wake up and take action. Life as we know it is in great crisis, and what do we do? Turn a blind eye or expect someone else to clean up each of our own individual messes. These are unprecedented times and it is absolutely crucial for governments to take ambitious action to nurture our planet and its people. One of God’s first commands to us was to care for creation; how is it that we can say we care and yet still disregard our own negligence for this planet?”
CLI MATE CHANGE LOBBY 06-2019B"I’m a Christian Aid supporter. They work in 37 countries around the world and see what is happening now to communities and livelihoods because of our unlimited consumption of fossil fuels and resources"

"We simply cannot stand by and let this happen – people talk about the legacy we will leave our grandchildren, but climate change is already destroying lives. I’m looking forward to being with other people from across the country and different walks of life and with varying interests but united by our desire to see change happen now"

If you would like to register, find out more about the event including transport you can find out more here:
CAFOD is also organising a coach from Norwich, calling at Diss. More information can be found here:
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