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TimeNorfolk centre opens in Great Yarmouth 

14th June 2019
Anna Heydon, Development Worker, Imagine Norfolk Together,  reports


For a long time there has been a vision to establish a TimeNorfolk centre in Great Yarmouth. That vision has now become a reality as TimeNorfolk opened its doors to clients at their new base at the Priory Centre...

I was first introduced to the work of TimeNorfolk (then known as Pregnancy Crisis, and later Pregnancy Choices) about 11 years ago when I first moved to Great Yarmouth and I heard from local supporters and past clients about the transformative service which the charity was able to provide. Even at that stage, based in Norwich, TimeNorfolk was able to touch lives in Great Yarmouth
However for a long time there has been a vision to establish a centre in Great Yarmouth. And on 29th April that vision became a reality as TimeNorfolk opened its doors to clients at their new base at the Priory Centre
I met with Lesley Bradfield, Director of TimeNorfolk at their new location in the centre of Yarmouth, and she explained to me more about the vision and aims of the charity
TimeNorfolk provides support for women and men of all ages who have experienced pregnancy loss through miscarriage, termination, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth, have an unplanned pregnancy, are needing support through their pregnancy, or needing support for other pregnancy related issues e.g. pre or post-natal depression, infertility. When I asked Lesley about what it was that the charity could offer, she told me "we can offer people hope after baby loss. People come to us who are broken and we help with putting them back together." Lesley told me that part of her motivation for the work of the charity is that 95% of the people who come to them have mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and she is passionate about their wellbeing. TimeNorfolk is a Christian charity but offers compassionate, non-judgmental support to people of all faiths and none

The testimonies of clients say it all:
"Gradually l went from having days where l curled up and couldn't move, to being able to have moments of joy and to experience joy again and feeling motivated and alive. I recognise I am on a journey and not there yet, wherever that maybe, but I am so much further forward. Thank you all at TimeNorfolk for picking me up and supporting me to be able to enjoy my precious family. The work you do is incredible, words are not enough"
"I will be forever grateful to TimeNorfolk for supporting me through some of the most painful, traumatic times of my life and helping me to find hope again. I feel I have my own set of skills and my confidence returning to keep working on moving forward. For anyone grieving the loss of a pregnancy in whatever circumstances I hope that they are able to reach for help & be fortunate to have the support I have been lucky to have. It is the most amazing service. Thank you so much"

Lesley is really excited that TimeNorfolk is now able to have a permanent base in Great Yarmouth, and she talked with enthusiasm about the positive connections and relationships they have already been able to develop in the area, and how the doors have opened for the new centre. The Great Yarmouth team consists of employed counsellor Sara Horell and two volunteer counsellors, all of whom have had additional specific training in counselling for pregnancy related issues. They are excited about the new opportunity in Great Yarmouth and beginning to work with the clients for whom referrals are already coming in
Making a referral is easy. Clients can self-refer or be referred by an agency, either using the phone line or the online form. Once the contact has been made, there will be a chance to chat on the phone and an arrangement will be agreed for an initial appointment. Lesley encourages people to make contact via the website if they are anxious about ringing up, and is assuring that every enquiry will be met with love and understanding. The Reverend Canon Andy Bryant (Norwich Cathedral) seeks to encourage those who are considering contacting the charity:
"TimeNorfolk is a truly inspiring organisation. In the midst of the many and complex emotions surrounding pregnancy loss, TimeNorfolk offers to walk alongside those affected through what can be difficult and dark days. TimeNorfolk offers the very best of Christian compassion, offering help and support, care and acceptance. With TimeNorfolk you are in safe hands"
The Great Yarmouth centre currently opens all day on Mondays and on Tuesday mornings. When I asked Lesley about the future of TimeNorfolk in Great Yarmouth she told me that the centre is now here to stay, and she looks forward to seeing how it will expand and develop
To find out more about TimeNorfolk or to refer yourself or someone else, phone 01603 927487 visit the website: