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Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal – every pound given will be doubled! 

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in” Matthew 25:35


Christian Aid has just found out that for every pound you give to the Christian Aid Christmas Appeal, the UK Government will also give a pound. This means that for every pound Norfolk churches give through Christian Aid at Christmas, an extra pound will be given so that more mothers and children under-five across Sub Saharan Africa will be saved from the life-threatening effects of malnutrition

Julian Bryant, Norfolk Coordinator, said
As many families gather together for a time of celebration in Norfolk, sadly millions of mothers and young children around the world are wondering where their next meal will come from. Many are suffering severe hunger. The extra money given through this appeal will help people in South Sudan where nearly 6 million people are facing a severe food emergency. If left untreated, acute malnutrition – the most extreme form of food crisis – can lead to death

South Sudan has experienced over three years of conflict which has displaced nearly 4 million people, disrupting harvests and leading to devastating food shortages. I would like to invite individuals and churches in Norfolk to give generously to save lives in South Sudan this Christmas by supporting this appeal. Jesus was a refugee as a baby, fleeing violence. He asked his followers to give to those in need. This appeal will double your donation to make a bigger difference. Please contact me for more information and resources

Your donation could help prevent many thousands of unnecessary deaths from malnutrition. Just £5 could provide a cash voucher for enough food for a family for four days, and £150 could provide 10 families with fishing gear to help in the longer term

Donations made to the Christmas appeal between 6 November 2017 and 5 February 2018 will be matched up to £2.7 million. The UK Government’s match will fund our work in South Sudan

Please contact Julian at and download church and school resources or directly donate at


Aluel’s StoryCA APPEAL 2017A

Aluel used to run a small business selling tea and bread at her local market, which provided enough money to feed her family.  As the situation in South Sudan deteriorated, inflation rose to 800%, meaning her earnings could no longer buy enough food to put on the table

The mother-of-four could only provide one meal a day for her family, and sometimes that meal would consist of nothing but leaves
Christian Aid partner organisation SPEDP (Support for Peace and Education and Development Programme) is providing cash vouchers to people, like Aluel, struggling with acute malnutrition in South Sudan, so they can buy essential food in local markets to help their families recover

“Before Christian Aid intervened, life had become very difficult. As a family, we urgently needed help” said Aluel

With support from SPEDP, she received cash vouchers, allowing her to buy enough food to feed her children
“I saw the health of my children improve drastically as they then started eating three meals a day” she added. A gift from the churches of Norfolk would make a significant difference