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New Initiatives for Yarmouth Foodbank 

19th December 2017
Tony Rothe reports

Hannah Housego 12-2017

Great Yarmouth Foodbank has launched two new projects, in addition to their normal food parcels. They have also received an unexpected donation from a schoolgirl almost 100 miles away!

At an already busy time of year for the Foodbank, they have also started two pilot projects:
The first of these is Fuel Bank, which aims to provide the most vulnerable people in the Yarmouth area with fuel top-ups as well as food, so that they can keep warm and well over winter
The second is a 'Cooking on a Budget' course which aims to train visitors to the Foodbank to be able to cook simple, nutritious meals with the contents of their food parcel, or low-cost food from a shop
The Food Bank continues to gratefully receive donations from individuals, groups, schools, churches, shops, etc. Possibly the longest distance donation came from Hannah Housego (pictured above)
Great Yarmouth Foodbank logo 2 Anna Heydon explains: “I visited Hannah's church in Fenstanton in Cambridgeshire at harvest-time, and talked about the Great Yarmouth Foodbank. Since then Hannah has been collecting festive treats from her friends, family and school, and at the end of November she brought them all the way over from Fenstanton to Great Yarmouth, a distance of at least 93 miles. What an incredible, generous girl, thank you Hannah”
If you would like to find out more about supporting the Foodbank visit:
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