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Have your say about redifinition of marriage


tell your church and encourage Great Yarmouth Christians to have their voice!!


The Government has launched its consultation on redefining marriage. Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone said she was determined to change marriage whether the public likes it or not
We would like you to contact your MP about this undemocratic and high-handed move by the Government. There are details about how to do this below

They're trying to silence you

Not only are they seeking to change the meaning of "marriage", now they're trying to change the meaning of "consultation". They should listen to the public before making a decision, not the other way around.
Whatever they say in public, we know the Government has been rocked by the size of the opposition to their plans. The strategy to introduce gay marriage in a low key way is now in tatters. Government ministers now want to discourage people from voicing their opposition. They want to dishearten supporters of marriage like you with a 'resistance is futile' message

Don't let them

We know that your commitment and affection for marriage is stronger than that. We know that you care deeply about future generations and want them to enjoy the benefits of marriage that past generations have enjoyed. We know you are passionately positive about marriage because of the common good of society.
In due course we will advise you on how you can engage with the consultation - because whatever the government says in public about its intention to ignore you, privately they're very concerned about tens of thousands of the British public responding to the consultation and saying "don't redefine marriage".
We will help you to do that when the time comes. And we will also be taking other initiatives to make sure the Government doesn't ignore the public's voice.

Email your MP today

As a first step, please email your MP, Mr Brandon Lewis MP, and tell your MP it is undemocratic for the Government to say it will redefine marriage over the heads of the people: (Westminster office)
or (constituency office)
or post your letter to:
Brandon Lewis
Please remember to be polite and brief. Many MPs on both sides of this issue will agree that the Government's actions are undemocratic

The following may help you:

  • Redefining marriage wasn't a manifesto pledge of the Tories, the Lib Dems or Labour. There is no mandate for change; nobody voted for this.
  • A real consultation means listening to the people before making a decision. Why is the public being ignored like this?
  • If your MP's position on this issue would affect your vote at the next election, say so.
  • The public don't want this: 70% want to keep marriage as it is, and over 230,000 (including you) have signed the national petition for marriage.
  • Marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Politicians should not play politics with marriage
Please email your MP today, or as soon as possible. Don't let the Government discourage you or silence you. Show them that your affection for marriage is greater than they realise
Yours sincerely,
Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage