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Talking for tins at the Salvation Army

Great Yarmouth historian David McDermott was so touched by the work the Salvation Army does, especially over the Christmas period, to provide food parcels for needy individuals and families he decided to do something to help. And he's come up with a way of talking up a large number of tins to stock up the Salvation Army stock cupboard. He has enlisted the services of a number of well known speakers who will give monthly talks on topics of mostly local interest at the Yarmouth Way Citadel. The twist is that there will be an admission charge - not money but at least a couple of tins of non-perishable foodstuffs
He  is hoping that people will be spurred on by this novel approach. David said: 
'The aim of this series of talks is to raise awareness of the appeal mounted every Christmas by the Salvation Army to provide a hamper for those in need.  Entry to each talk is gained by bringing along a minimum of two tins,  but nothing out of date please '

The series is already under way with a talk from Mr McDermott on the ever popular crime writer Dame Agatha Christie. He will also round off the talks in November with one about the music hall star Old Mother Riley. Next month sees the former James Paget Hospital surgeon Hugh Sturzaker speaking about the famous doctor who gave the hospital its name. Subjects as diverse as tin plate toys and local railways will be covered
Picture shows David McDermott with Lt Rob Symons of the Great Yarmouth Salvation Army
All talks start at 11am at the Salvation Army Citadel
 MARCH 8th                  SIR JAMES PAGET A VICTORIAN LEGEND - Hugh Sturzacker
APRIL 19th                   STRANGE TALES OF GREAT YARMOUTH - Les Cole
MAY 7th                        THOMAS PIOT & TIN PLATE TOYS - Keith Roberts
JUNE 14th                   THROUGH THE GREEN ROOM DOOR - Dusty Miller
JULY 12th                     RAILWAYS AROUND GT YARMOUTH - Andrew Fakes
AUGUST 16th              LOCAL FIRE BRIGADE  - Maurice Joel
SEPTEMBER 20th       HISTORY OF GROUTS - Russell Ray
OCTOBER 18th            TALES FROM A POLICEMAN'S BEAT - Tom Hatchett
NOVEMBER 22nd         OLD MOTHER RILEY -  David McDermott