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Kings Debt Advice Service Up and Running


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Kings Debt Advice Service is up and running and available to  potential clients

Appointments are being taken

The service is free to the user and available to anyone who is in need, all matters will be dealt with in a confidential manner. The Centre is known as Kings Debt Advice Service and will come under the overall umbrella of Community Money Advice. CMA is itself a registered charity and aims to promote the setting up of Debt Advice Centres across the country. We will be joining a well established group of Centres and receive from them further training support etc

Over the past months our volunteers have been receiving training from Community Money Advice trainers. The volunteers are mostly members of Kings Church although two volunteers are not. It's great to see others looking to support this work and being part of a team looking to make a difference in the community

Initially enquiries should be made by:

telephone: 01493 442861
from where a Debt Counsellor will contact the enquirer to make arrangements for an initial interview

The service is totally confidential and is free to all users

This is an exciting venture where the local church can make a difference to many people’s lives. Living with debt can be a crushing experience with pressure from creditors building up and up often making life intolerable. We will aim to help people in debt re-schedule their secondary debts so the burden of pressing creditors and repayments that cannot be afforded is lifted.  This will be a real and beneficial service to the community and one that reveals God's heart to help those in real need