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Great Yarmouth nearer to having Street Pastors


Great Yarmouth came one step nearer to having regular Street Pastors, when seven local people: Nick Hewitt, Liz Townson, Louise Lyle, David Sims, Steve Jones, David and Isabel Minister, were recently commissioned in Norwich on Wednesday evening ( 29th April). This followed detailed training sessions and practical experience on and around Prince of Wales Road, Norwich on Friday and Saturday nights
Street Pastors make a positive difference in the lives of their community; they listen, care, and help those who need it on the streets during the hours of darkness. They work alongside the police and security personnel to make the streets a safer place for us all
The seven newly commissioned Pastors will shortly be seen on the streets of Great Yarmouth, and anyone wishing to join them should contact Val Dodsworth on 01603 472753 for more information
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