Action Zones 

Pastoral care on the picket line

Peter supports the Coastguards
On Thursday morning 24th April Peter Paine was seen standing with members of the Maritime Agency Coastguard who were picketing outside Havenbridge House in Great Yarmouth. So why was the Port chaplain on a picket line?
Peter says: “As Port Chaplain I was there to support the workers just as I am when they are in the control room, on a sick bed or out dealing with a crisis around the coast. I offer support because those who care for others also need to be cared for whether in joint service to seafarers or in simply making a drink drinks or being a shop runner when the control room is buzzing”.
Peter goes on to say: “The coastguards are the eyes and ears of the shipping world and also for the very many inshore fishermen. They are highly trained and do a great job 24/7 365 days a year. They are looking after many people who travel upon the seas as well as keeping an eye out for people who get into problems when holidaying at the seaside. I guess I always think that one of these days any one of us may be glad they are there”.       
The Coastguards are trained to a very high standard, and they are working to rule to ask for parity with the Police, Fire and Ambulance control room workers. All the rescue services do great and important jobs; we depend on them all when things get difficult as well as day to day life
“So all I try to do” says Peter “is to bring into my work some part of Jesus, a smile, a quiet word, or a listening ear. That what it means to be a chaplain…”