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TURN ON THE TAP - Gt Yarmouth Walk 4 Water

Throughout the world, millions of people have to walk miles to find water.  And, often, the water they find is dirty and unhygienic.  Here, in Great Yarmouth, we're going to have an event on Saturday, 10th May, as part of the national TURN ON THE TAP CHALLENGE 2008,  to raise funds for,  and awareness of, the plight of millions who cannot take the supply of clean hygienic water for granted


The Great Yarmouth Walk 4 Water starts from Park Baptist Church, Crown Road, Great Yarmouth at 10am and continues to St Peter's Road and, from there, follows the old Yarmouth Wall and back to Park Baptist Church for refreshments.  Dogs will be welcomed if they are under the control of a lead at all times





 On Saturday, 10th May, we want thousands of people to go for a walk.  We want them to walk FOUR miles - the average distance that women and children in Africa and Asia have to walk to collect water.  All walkers pay a one-off registration fee of £2.  Churches and individuals may put on other fundraising or awareness-raising events along the way, but the main task is simple: sign up, donate, and get walking!  We're hoping to get enough people walking to lift the TURN ON THE TAP total by over £500,000 in 2008


TURN ON THE TAP is a campaign for safe accessible water for people in the developing world. Through a range of solutions from hand dug wells, water filters and boreholes to health and hygiene education, we are providing safe, clean water and helping to break the grip of poverty on local communities



turn on the tap 2Families are getting safe water to drink. Communities are improving health and sanitation. Children who would otherwise spend all day fetching water are now going to school. Lives are being saved. This challenging project is run by Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit, Christian organisation, which provides church support, emergency relief and development assistance to suffering people around the world. In all our activities we aim to provide hope to communities in desperate need, and through this to show God’s love and compassion in many real and practical ways



Our TURN ON THE TAP campaign has already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to help communities access safe water. But STILL, 1.1 billion people live without access to safe water. It's an outrage!



Now we are asking people to go the extra mile – or four miles to be precise


local organiser:       David Minister

                                      01493 733153

                                      07711 451020


to find out more, click  here  to link to Turn on the Tap website