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Catastrophes are happening now

global-warming-pixabayColin King writes:

The catastrophes happening in the world attributed to Global warming!!

1 Flooding, if you really examine the evidence, you will see that global warming is not in many cases the primary cause; it is humans who have changed the landscape, taking out natural barriers and putting in impervious surfaces so the water is not soaking into the ground as it should
 I will give an observation that I have in my local area: a few years back, in new buildings the rainwater would then have been put into a soakaway so it would go back into the ground as it should, so now it is put into the sewer system. So, when heavy rain comes the sewers can not cope, and the raw sewage is discharged into rivers and sea
The number of houses and other building, beside roads whose surfaces are impervious to rainwater, have increased substantially , so where does the water go , not where it should into the ground, it runs of into the rivers which already full because of their natural area that they are there to drain. This problem is manmade. It is not the Farmer fault either, were many try to put the blame
One of the solutions is to tackle the problem at sauce, as a river flows after a heavy rain it gather more and more access of water, why could not this be limited, especially in mountainous areas, where culverts could be cut controlled by sluices and divert water into designated valleys already agreed with land owner , who would receive a good compensation of the inconvenience, this would cost thousands ,not millions, and people’s distress at ruined homes, and businesses
2 Our TV’s and other media, love to highlight worldwide catastrophes, like fires, hurricanes and other atmospheric disasters, floods, volcanoes. Some of these when you look at them you find that they originate as manmade disasters. Therefore, they cannot be attributed to global warming directly. They try and imply that these are happening more frequently, which when you examine the real evidence this is not always the case  so why hinder a good story, even if it’s a lie
This heightens people’s fears, and they are therefore more likely to accept global warming as caused by CO2. Which is a lie!
3 Forest fires can be a natural phenomenal, but can also be manmade, our TVs make it look more disastrous because people have built vast estates in these forest areas, and of course these homes are burned up in these fires. If you do not apply common sense, then you reap what you sow.  It might appear idyllic, but it is so silly and therefore disastrous
4 It seems as if natural elements in our world  are changing, eg the occurrence of climate changes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes erupting , floods, famines, world wide disease,  and so on. There is one scenario that is not often considered, these are the words of the one who made everything, St John 1:3 & Col 1:16 “This is Jesus Christ, who by him all things are held together” Col 1:17. So he knows all things. He was asked by his disciples, “what are the sign of the end of this period of time” There are three ref: Matthew 24:3-8  Mark 13 :5-8  St Luke 21:7-12,  notice it say’s nation will rise against nation, great earthquakes, famines, pestilence (diseases), fearful sights, and great signs. So, I present to you the true reasons for climate change. Jesus says the end is not yet, indeed as you read God’s word, he tells us that he is going to destroy this world and universe, Isaiah 24:24 , 2 Peter 3: 7&10
Before God does, there is going to be more than 1000years when Jesus is going to be in charge on this earth. Then God says that he is going to make a new earth and heavens, Rev 21:1  MY TRUST IS IN GOD and not in the lies that are put out by our media , believed by Governments and world leaders (blind leading the blind) 

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(Guest) 28/11/2022 15:53
Thank you Colin.

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