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Rocks Here, There and Everywhere

Mercury Viewpoint 20th July 2007


Firsviewpoints cross logo jpeg WEBt we see wind farm turbines and pillars going through town, now they tell me that Rocks are going to be brought here from the Continent to make the Outer Harbour. Some say it will never happen, others will only beliPETER AND THE SEAFARERSeve it when the rocks appear above the waterline. I say rocks are wonderful things for the town. It will show investment, employment, new beginnings and hope for the future.
During my working week, I have the privilege of meeting many seafarers from distant lands who come here to work the vessels and to bring us the various items we require in our shops. Many of them leave their families or loved ones for long periods at a time. In the words of E.T. (or is it B.T?) it’s good to talk, and some of these seafarers have a difficult time calling home or sending an email. It is always good to get a letter, phone call or an email from someone special.  
We used to have a seafarers centre here, and I hope that in the future we will have one again, but until then I provide this service from the car I have been given, you could say a rock to seafarers.
You see, my faith is built upon a rock. Firm, steady, and yet at times even the power of the sea can move them, but my rock – Jesus Christ is steadfast, firm and rock solid.
In times of trouble, or despair that rock is always available, always listening, always ready. Who do you turn to in your times of trouble?
Jesus is my rock, he can be yours also. Let me leave you this verse:
He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I shall never be shaken. Psalm 62 v 2  God Bless you this week.
Rev Peter Paine, Port Chaplain and member of the “Good Works” team.