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Time Spent in Great Yarmouth on Placement

CATE TURNER 02-202331st January 2023

As part of my final year of curacy I needed to undertake a placement in a context that was very different to the one in which I currently work. My curacy is in Thurton, near Loddon, and is very rural so it made sense to try and find somewhere urban. Great Yarmouth seemed like the perfect place, and I was delighted that Father Simon agreed to allow me to spend time with the team. I loved every moment, and the month went by in a flash. Everyone was so welcoming that it was a pleasure to be with you even just for a few weeks
Much of my time was spent with the teams at Pathways and at the Foodbank. It was wonderful to see and be part of the work that is taking place and to witness such love in action. The clients of both the café and the foodbank are so grateful for the help they receive, whether in terms of a hot meal and companionship, or food to keep them going through their time of crisis. People feel seen, which for many is all they want, to know that someone cares about them and wants to try and help alleviate their problems. The team are endlessly patient and kind, greeting everyone with a smile and with respect. My only regret was the limits of my language skills but as always Google comes into its own!
Being part of the life of the minster was a great privilege and I was so pleased to be able to attend events and preside and preach at services. I was also shown around St Nicholas school and had the opportunity to welcome the Key Stage 2 children to the Minster for their annual carol service
It is wonderful to know all that is going on in our towns and to be able to be part of it, even for a short while. I am immensely grateful to everyone who took time to talk to me and help me find my way around, particularly Father Simon and Revd Ashley and Jen at Pathways
Revd Cate Turner


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