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Introduction from Fr Tracy Williams

TRACY WILLIAMS31st December 2022

Just a few words to introduce myself before moving over to be with you all
I am Father Tracy Williams – and, yes, despite the name, I am a man – the TV programme I was named after is now long forgotten but rest assured Tracy was once a man’s name. If you remember the name of the programme, I will be impressed, but there are NO prizes on this occasion... (clue: Thunderbirds is the WRONG answer)
I am married to Bev who is a former actor and currently a teacher and examiner of speech, drama and language. She’s also excellent company! I’m so grateful to her for all the support she has given me over the years in exploring my vocation to ministry. She claims to be a Brummy but she has many ancestors buried in Caister and Yarmouth. If you can help her find where, I will be very grateful
We have a shared background in media and the arts; I began my career as a musician before joining the BBC and working in radio and TV production
More recently I was a verger at Norwich Cathedral so Great Yarmouth Minster is strangely familiar to me having been built at the same time and most probably by the same people
As a nice example of God’s magnificent sense of humour, I was born in the same town as my fellow team vicar Revd Ashley. Unlike Ashley however I have lived in Norwich for 30 years and trained with Eastern Region Ministry Course, so moving a little further down the A47 is not quite so daunting
I am excited and very honoured to be joining the ministry team in Great Yarmouth. I look forward to being in community with you all and sharing in the joys and sorrows of our journeys together. I look forward to proclaiming the Good News of hope and comfort, to learning from each other as we seek to become the people God created us to be. I look forward most of all to being one of your local priests in the universal church of God
I pray that, God willing, I can be of service to you all in every way possible


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