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In The Interregnum August 2022

SUZIE ELLISWhilst St Andrew's Church is in interregnum, this page will see a variety of authors from St Andrew's Church and the Diocese
This month we hear from the Rev Suzie Ellis, member of the ministry team at St Andrew's

Here’s a story:
A young man in an already tense family situation did something very wrong: by lies and trickery he gained something promised to his elder brother. But it quickly came to light, fracturing the family amid anger and threats of violence from the victim! So the young man quickly left home .. setting off to track down some faraway distant relatives, where he hoped he could stay till the heat had died down. Shaken and alone he set off, sleeping rough along the way. It certainly wasn’t the best way to start out, for like many others across our world, he became just one more homeless person
But then one night, lying asleep in a lonely spot, he had an amazing dream. He dreamed that God was by his side, pointing him through the mess he’d made of things, and towards a brand new start. And more, he also promised to remain with him. It was a support he didn’t expect, or deserve; but it would keep him going through all the ups and downs that lay ahead for him and offered him a real chance to begin again and to treat life and other people differently

It’s a fascinating story for it tells us all something that perhaps we’ve never really realized. Even if we get things horribly wrong; even if we totally mess up our own lives, (and possibly others’ lives as well), God still loves us and will not give up on us .. ever! But it also reveals something else: God is truly kind! He always wants the best for all of us; and like the most loving and protective father we could ever want or imagine, he stays beside us in every circumstance: standing alongside the broken, and offering all of us a new chance every day to begin again and do things a bit better
“Know I am with you”, was God’s promise to Jacob. And he also says this to all of us, especially in the harder bits of our own lives. It’s certainly been my help and anchor. But not by waving some magic wand to sweep all difficulties out of the way. Far better than that God offers us his presence beside us; and gives us all the space and opportunity to respond to his kindness by beginning to look at our own lives a little bit differently. We all have a little bit of Jacob within us! So we can see others as being in competition, and fight to come out on top. Or instead, we can start again to look at those around us with a bit more care and compassion. We too can begin to grow towards becoming better, kinder people
Just imagine a world in which we all tried to be kind and generous to everyone around us!
(1) The young man’s name was Jacob and his full story is found in the Bible, in Genesis (this part of his life is in chapter 28 )


published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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