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A royal wedding 

royal wedding 07-202230th July 2022

Captain Marie Burr
Great Yarmouth Salvation Army

This time of year, every church has plenty of weddings. This made me think, a wedding today is the chance for the bride to be a princess for the day, with an elegant gown, elaborate hairstyle, colour coordinating attendants, bouquets of flowers ,and an abundance of food

But another royal wedding is in the planning stages, the most extravagant ever. In this wedding the most important person will be the groom, Christ, we the church, will be His bride. John’s revelation tells us to be ready. Though earthly marriages last a lifetime, and every bride tries to look perfect. Just think how much more we as the bride of Christ should be preparing and how much longer our marriage will last, all eternity! (Rev 19:7)

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