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From the Rectory August 2022

SIMON WARD 12-2018

At time of writing we are about to say farewell to Mother Helen Lynch before she leaves us for her new post. Stalham is not a million miles away and we know that we will see her again. We also know that God will bless many people through her ministry. When Helen arrived in Great Yarmouth four years ago she came to us, well recommended, from theological college but at that point of launching into something new. We have seen her grow and develop through many challenges and changes to be the priest she is today. There can be no doubt that she will continue to change as she is challenged and stretched in a new role and new ministry in a new location. There will be much for her to do and vast amounts of information to assimilate for which she will need our ongoing prayers
Being a training Parish, as we are, is a great blessing because we see such exciting developments and change. Helen can do things now she could not do four years ago. She has grown in the routine priestly tasks and ministries entrusted to her as well as leading the way to us becoming an inclusive church. She also planned and delivered an amazing Green Yarmouth week, started up Footprints, hosted a weekly show on Harbour Radio and many other things. Most of all she has journeyed with us showing bags of compassion, understanding and punctuating our meetings with a quiet, wise humour
That growth we see is also a reminder of the Christian life because we should never stop growing and allowing God to be at work in us, gently prodding pushing changing and shaping us. It is a process by which we are made new. Maybe in the future another curate will come here and the process begins again
Many are aware that of course the ministry team in Great Yarmouth has shrunk significantly. This month will mark five years since I came here as Team Rector and when I arrived there were seven licensed clergy and lay ministers: by the time you read this I will be the only licensed minister. However, it is time for us to look forward and in September we will welcome Reverend Ashley Hines as our new team vicar and beyond that we will be recruiting another team vicar and who knows what else God may have in store for his people here in Great Yarmouth? (but it does feel a little bit like we are breathing in before we can expand!)

I do hope all readers enjoy a good summer here in Great Yarmouth and that together we will have much to look forward to for the rest of this year and in the years to come, whoever God may send here to share that journey with us
With prayers and best wishes                     

Fr Simon
Rev Canon Simon Ward
Team Rector, Great Yarmouth Parish


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