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Viewpoint from Rev Donna Dodson 02/09/2022 

DONNA     DODSON 2Rev Donna Dodson
Associate Minister, Magdalen Way Methodist Church

Not all super-heroes wear capes; not all angels wear wings; not all saints have halos
There is a sentence in the Bible that encourages people to be hospitable to strangers because they could turn out to be angels. You can find it by looking up Hebrews 13:2. I have an idea, a proposal to put to us
What if we are actually surrounded by incognito angels, super heroes, and saints? And what if you and I had the offer of our own super power of being able to spot the super, angelic and saintly in those around us?
dove leftWell, why not make this ‘what if’ a reality?
It seems to me that there is so much to be negative, miserable, cross, and anxious about at the moment, that we could do with a bit of an antidote to help us keep our souls and our communities alive. So here’s what we do: first we start treating everyone we meet as well as we can. See if we can deliberately look for the best in people, smile at strangers, say thank you, give compliments - that switches on our super power. Second step is to notice the good, the helpful, the loving actions of others. And third step is to encourage even small signs of greatness we see in others in any way we can, a card, a comment, a kindness... whatever would make them realise they are valued
These three things: kindness to all, notice the good and encourage it - will do two things. Firstly, we will discover angels, heroes, and saints all around us, that should help us keep going through the tough times! Secondly, (and this is so amazingly awesome), we become heroes, saints and angels in other people’s lives!
Dove rightThere will always be annoying, negative, selfish people too, but no need for you or me to be one of them!
PS: thank you to the heroes, angels, and saints where I live:

  • the staff that turn up for 12 hour shifts at the hospital
  • The home carers who try to make others’ lives dignified and bring a smile, even when they are already over time (and undervalued)
  • The artists who are doing what they can to cheer us all up and bring life and fun into our communities
  • The ninja knitters, Tias treasures, Norfolk Nee Nors, and all those who do random acts of creativity and kindness
  • The volunteer youth and children’s workers, food bank teams, charity shop, support group leaders, choir leaders, bubble blowers, beach cleaners

Have I missed someone out? Then maybe you can thank them too. Tell them they should have got a mention - be their messenger (angel)

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Pam (Guest) 07/09/2022 14:13
I nominate Donna to be my her/angel/saint.
Pam (Guest) 07/09/2022 14:13