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Introducing the new Team Vicar for Great Yarmouth Parish

ASHLEY 202230th June 2022

I thought that I would introduce myself before I come and join you in Great Yarmouth
My name is Rev Ashley Hines, and I am married to Roger, we have one daughter and son-in-law, three sons, a daughter-in–law, and three grandchildren, one of whom is mixed race, his mum is Japanese

Roger works hard as an HGV driver and doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies: when he is not working, he spends a lot of time chauffeuring me around because I have a dislike of driving. I didn’t learn to drive until four years ago when I became a Hospital Chaplain
I left school to begin my nursing training with very few qualifications and for various reasons, too long to go into now, this didn’t work out. Over the years I have been a dinner lady, factory worker, and school cleaner. When God called me to ministry in 2011, I thought he had a sense of humour, I am neither middle class, educated, nor male, all qualities that I believed you needed to be a vicar. Well, how wrong I was, and here I am living proof at the age of 57 that if God calls, he will equip you to do the work he has planned for you
I began theological training at Queens ecumenical college in 2011 and gained a BA in Theology in 2017. It was hard work studying part-time and working four part time jobs as well as raising a family, but I did it with God’s help
I currently serve in the benefice of Alrewas, Fradley, and Wychnor, leading worship, supporting Little Fishes our preschool and participating in the sacramental side of ministry
Why Great Yarmouth? Firstly you have a beautiful beach and the sea
Secondly working in Great Yarmouth is where God called me to be. You have a wonderful history and a story to tell. Working with you all will enable me to use the gifts that I have been given by God. I do not judge anybody for who they are, or where they have come from. We are created by God and have a unique story to tell. I hope that by walking together I will be able to help those in need find their own identity and not the one given to them by society. I want to help the people of Great Yarmouth tell their stories to others so that we can become a community of God. In return I ask that you forgive me my mistakes, support me as I support you, and that together we will begin to be all we are called to be

this article courtesy of Parish Life



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