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Viewpoint from Rev Steve Deall 12/08/2022

Rector of Bradwell Benefice

Who cares?

Paul McCartney in 2018 wrote a song called ‘Who Cares’ and in it he poses two questions; Who cares about the pain in your heart? And who cares about you?
Sara and I were watching the news the other day and there was a lady who was complaining that she was just living difficult: she was a single mother who had two disabled children, found shopping almost impossible, she was worried about the impending cost of living crisis, desperate to do the best for her family; literally shout at the reported that the government should DO SOMETHING!
dove leftThe thought struck me ‘who’s caring for you?’ is there no one who could do the shopping for you, do you not have anyone you can rely on?
Of course, we don’t know the back story here but perhaps she has been hurt and let down in the past, perhaps she doesn’t think that there is anyone out there who would want to care or help her without expecting something in return or is she simply too proud to ask for help? Whichever way it’s so sad
Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends, wrote a letter to a group of Christians who were suffering and quotes a much older proverb "God opposes the proud but shows favour to the humble’" I know it’s very easy to be proud, especially in our self-centred culture which abounds. But being humble asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but of strength of character
I wonder is there anyone you could ask for help?  Coming out of the pandemic it seems as though the wonderful spirit of togetherness is beginning to evaporate lust like the morning dew on a sunny summer morning.  Because no matter who we are sometimes we all need to ask for help
Dove rightBut it is so much more than just help, we all have the basic need to care and be cared for as well.  One of the benefits of being part of a Christian community is understanding that we are all adopted into God’s family, we have a father who cares for us unconditionally. In fact, God cares so much that he sent Jesus to make right the relationship we can have with him through the power of the cross
Once we understand that we are cared for (unconditionally) everything changes and I hope it would naturally follow out of that we can care for others, especially but not exclusively within our adopted family
There is a real blessing in knowing that you are cared for by Jesus and others who are part of the worldwide Christian communion
Is this the right time for you to explore your local church and the free offer they give of friendship, companionship and eternal life? You would get a warm welcome, I’m sure
Who cares about the pain in your heart? And who cares about you? God does (if you will let Him) and so does your local church family (if only you let them). Every Blessing, Rev Steve

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