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From the Rectory June 2022

SIMON WARD 12-2018As we approach the Platinum Jubilee it is likely that we’ll soon run out of superlatives to describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Seventy years is an astonishing achievement. Just the travel statistics alone are mind boggling: she has visited more than 100 different countries; over 150 Commonwealth visits; hosted over 100 state visits and her face has featured on coins in 35 countries. Even the summer garden parties are notable and have hosted more than 1.5 million guests: just imagine the quantity of cucumber sandwiches that represents. There are sure to be many more fascinating stats to be enjoyed in June!
Whatever way you look at her reign, it is a remarkable milestone in the life of our nation and a reign which can seldom have been emulated anywhere in the world at any point in history. As one born in 1971 (by which time she had already clocked up nearly 20 years) I find it hard to imagine the life of our nation without Queen Elizabeth II on the throne. Seeing a different face in that role, whenever that may come, will feel exceedingly odd for us all
Inevitably there will be those who feel less comfortable with the whole concept of monarchy. To some it feels outdated and unusual in the modern world. To many other nations it is a source of wonder and fascination. Whatever people may feel, I sense there is a huge respect for Her Majesty as a person who has shown the utmost dedication and humble commitment to the task she has been called to. I hope that the Jubilee celebrations will be a great focus for community life and offering opportunity for communities to gather together and raise a glass
Beneath the state visits and endless days of travel and visits, there is an abiding Christian faith which has been a mainstay. I am quite sure that in recent years, Her Majesty has become more overt in speaking of Christian faith when giving her Christmas Day speech. There will be opportunity to give thanks to God for years of devotion and service. It is an example from which many of us can learn and be inspired by
With prayers and best wishes                      

Fr Simon
Rev Canon Simon Ward
Team Rector, Great Yarmouth Parish


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