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Rev Rosie writes about looking forward 

2nd May 2022


What are you looking forward to?
REV ROSIE 05-2022AI hope you might be anticipating a number of happy events in the coming months. I know that it is very British but I must say I am looking forward to the warmer weather and blue skies, and time in the garden both pottering and relaxing. We also have a mummy duck sitting on 21eggs, on the floating duck-house; it has been so lovely to watch the drake keeping an eye on Mrs Duck, and to see the care she takes in covering her eggs with feathers when she leaves the nest to feed or just to swim. I am looking forward to seeing a large number of ducklings swimming in the pool quite soon
Some of us have a few small things that we are looking forward to; others will have great expectations of significant life events. Perhaps the birth of a child, or a grandchild, or a wedding day that has been the focus of much planning and preparation. Over the past couple of years there have been too many disappointments, where families have not been able to gather together and important events have been postponed
As we plan for the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events over the weekend of 2nd-5th June, my mind takes me back to all the hard work of many people that was frustrated when the 75th Anniversary of VE Day Commemorations in May 2020 had to be cancelled as we were “confined to barracks” so to speak. No doubt we will all have some plans in how we are going to spend the extended bank holiday. I know that the Parish Council have organized a Jubilee Fete on Friday 3rd June at the New Road Sports Field, and it will be good for all to come together and enjoy ourselves
On Sunday 5th June there will be a Jubilee Afternoon Tea in the Rectory Garden, with games for the children, live music and the opportunity to sit and chat with friends. It is intended that it will be a traditional tea party with us all sitting at long trestle tables. There will be a prize for the best dressed guests at the Royal Tea Party. It will be a ticketed event (for catering purposes) and tickets will go on sale shortly. All Saints Belton is extremely grateful for the grant support they have received from the Village Voice to enable us to subsidize the cost of this
REV ROSIE 05-2022BThis Celebration also brings us to remember. Not many of us will remember the Queen acceding the throne, but those of you who do will remember that it was a bitter-sweet occasion, as the Queen had lost her beloved Father, King George, and assumed the responsibility of Head of State, sooner than she and the late Prince Philip had expected. If only a few can remember the Queen’s enthronement (and it would be good to hear from any who do remember) many more of us can remember Jubilees celebrated for her for 25 years, 50 years and 60 years. Indeed, I was here for the celebration of the Queen’s 60th Jubilee and we had such a wonderful time in the Rectory Garden (even if there were a few showers just before we sat down for tea at 3pm)
Sometimes when we remember sad occasions; we might remember the day on which a loved one has died, we can also be thankful for the times and precious moments we have shared with that loved one. As I write this we are just beginning the week that leads up to Good Friday and Easter; Good Friday with the remembrance of the pain and injustice that Jesus suffered when he was crucified, and then the joy of his friends and followers on Easter Day, when Jesus has risen from the dead. At the end of May there is another occasion which for Jesus’ followers would have been bitter-sweet. Thursday 26th May is Ascension Day, the day when the church remembers that Jesus ascended back into heaven, and his disciples watched as he disappeared before their eyes. Jesus was gone from their presence, but had left them with much to do in continuing his work on the earth; work that would find great joy in

Rev Rosie Bunn