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Awareness part one 

Do you ever find yourself starting a prayer with something about entering the presence of the Lord, or welcoming him into our meeting/our day? 

It’s kind of upside down thinking as he brings us into being and welcomes us.  While the Bible says “draw near to God and he will draw near to you”; (James 4;8) it also says  “Where can I go from your Spirit?” that whether we go “you are there” (psalm 139) (I am not giving the verse number so you can read it all, go on treat yourself)
I highly recommend everything written by Richard Rohr.  This is something he says in several places and it has changed the way I approach prayer
We cannot attain the presence of God because we’re already in the presence of God

What’s absent is awareness

In practice it means we don’t have to look for God, he is not hiding

We just have to let him find us


I offer the following liturgy in case it helps.  You can change the word us to me if you like.  Maybe take yourself to a place that makes you feel good to say them
Lord of creation, whose presence fills the universe and gives it life
You are here, with us now
Lord of love, who calls us to your welcoming embrace
You are here, with us now
Lord of our past, who has faithfully called all who would listen to share in your mission of grace and your kingdom of glory
You are here, with us now
Lord of the present, who breathes into our spirits 
You are here, with us now
Lord of the future, always doing new things and giving new life
You are here, with us now
Rev Donna Dodson, Associate Methodist Minister based at Magdalen Way Methodist Church

image courtesy of Rev Donna Dodson


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