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Viewpoint from Andrew Scott 03/06/2022 

Lead Elder, New Wine Christian Fellowship, Martham

VIEWPOINT 03-06-2022Whilst preparing to walk along the beach at Cart Gap recently, I asked God if He would use that time to speak to me. As I wandered at the water’s edge I noticed a large piece of upright timber that formed part of one of several groynes on the sands. The seaward facing side of this slab of wood, was encrusted with a multitude of barnacles and as I surveyed them, I noted how they remained firmly fixed to the groyne; a lasting witness to their life and purpose. It was in that moment that I felt God impress on me the words “stand firm”. This phrase is repeatedly found throughout the Old and New Testament, but I felt His Spirit drawing me to Paul’s words nestled within 1 Corinthians 16:13; “….stand firm in the faith….” (NIV)
In today’s multimedia world, with so many persuasive, intrusive and novel voices; it is easy to find yourself being drawn down distracting and harmful rabbit holes. What we choose to fill our hearts and minds with, will inevitably affect us all. We need to make sure that the tenets of our faith are securely held within our hearts, that we are standing firm on them and constantly living our lives through them
Thankfully, God has placed us amongst fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, so we do not face this onslaught alone, so that we can encourage one another and bear each other up in prayer. As Paul said to the church in Philippi, “….I'll know that you stand united in one Spirit and one passion - celebrating together as conquerors in the faith of the gospel” (Philippians 1:27 TPT), so we need to do likewise
In standing firm, remaining true to all that we by faith believe, in the face of voices that seek to assail and overwhelm us, we will not only win life for ourselves (Luke 21:19 NIV), but we can also reflect Christ’s light into the lives of others. Our steadfast witness, through our daily walk with Christ, can help point others the Kingdom and to develop their own faith filled relationships with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Let’s encourage one another to stand firm in the faith, regardless of what we may be facing, in the assured hope of seeing His Kingdom grow and for His Glory


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