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Viewpoint from Hazel Thackray 20/05/2022

Authorised Worship Assistant, St Mary Magdalene Church, Gorleston

We have just celebrated Easter, the marvellous resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, after spending the weeks of Lent thinking about Him suffering in the wilderness and then His death on the cross. We try and understand what the Lord went through, but fail. Easter comes and all seems right with the world again---Jesus is risen, and we are redeemed
Yet, still the question I hear on many lips, as I go about my daily life is, “Where is God in all this?” “All this” for most people is the still ever -present presence of Covid in our midst, and the dreadful plight of Ukraine. We see on our TV screens and read in the papers daily, of the dreadful suffering being borne by all the Ukrainian people---not just those in the cities under the heaviest bombardment, but those further away, worrying about friends and family in those places. What can they do? Many thousands have left the country and found themselves refugees, far away from home, but desperate to return the home they love
Yes, the world is in a mess, but when God created it, it was clean, fresh, pure, free from all evil, until Man entered in. With Adam and Eve came disobedience and the fall from grace. We like, them are human, therefore not perfect. We have many faults—some of us are better than others, and some are decidedly evil, and something has to be done to set things right
With the resurrection of Jesus it seems as though the world will once more be a perfect place
But, the resurrection is not the end of the story---it is only the beginning, and we can all do our bit to make the world a better, kinder, more peaceful place to live in for all people. We only have to remember Jesus’ words, “Love the Lord your God, and Love your neighbour as yourself”. If we were all just a little more considerate, tolerant, less selfish, more generous with our time, and really looked at and spoke to people and listened to them, instead of hurrying away, intent on our own worries and problems, life would be better for everyone
If we, as individuals take care of these small but not insignificant problems—God is here on earth with us, and He will sort out the mess!

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